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Open 5 Nights (Tues - Sat) from 5:30pm - 9pm
Closed: Friday 29 March and Saturday 30 March 2024

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Enter into an oriental world through the grand brass gates and admire the stunning cherry-blossom fabric panels and authentic Asian décor. You will be escorted to a table or an intimate booth to settle in for some exquisite Asian food and a memorable dining experience.

The Emerald Gardens menu is full of adventure and discovery, with a rich bounty of fine fare to choose from. The long list of house specialties provides ample choice, but the menu continues with an array of soups and mouth watering appetisers. You can choose your main from the tantalising list of chicken, pork, beef, duck, prawns or omelettes. The meats are prepared to almost literally melt in your mouth, while the herbs and spices are balanced perfectly in every dish. A combination of these incredible meals can be served as a banquet.

For those who don’t eat meat, the vegetarian mock meat selection is like nothing you have ever seen on a restaurant menu before. Mock prawns, beef or chicken are all available in delicious meals with a range of Asian-inspired sauces. We also have Gluten-Free options available for our coeliac friends.

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Wests Group, 88 Hobart Road,
New Lambton NSW 2305
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